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La Palabra Cobra Vida |  El Centro de Comunicación de Belice y Belmopán: Episodio 3 | Inspiring Hope

The Diocesan Communications Center of the Diocese of Belize City & Belmopan has as its core mission to navigate “new ways of being Church”. This means incorporating the use of new information and communications technologies into their tools to reach people, spread the Word, and strengthen their community. 

Mr. Ruben Wong, Chair of Media and Communications at the Diocese, shares that through this Communication Center they can “make the word come alive” by reaching out to all groups, like the pastoral life resource teams, teachers, clergy young people… and collaborate in productions may it be audio or video or both. “My passion is reaching young people, they are the future of this country, we have to get them involved and have them come here to learn about the equipment and utilize it and produce a program where they can reach their peers”, he concludes. 

On that same note, Mr. Pete Castillo Co-Chair of Media and Communications at the Diocese, emphasizes that there are so many ways young people could use the facility.We could reach out to people from colleges who are interested in podcasting and have a workshop for them. Show them how to use the equipment and how to host their podcasts so eventually they have their own shows”. 

Watch episode 3 here 

Inspiring hope: a SIGNIS project empowering new voices is a campaign sponsored by SIGNIS with support from the Catholic Communication Campaign aims to share stories of hope that inspire and generate social transformation from new communication resources—a journey through Burundi, Liberia, Belize, Mexico, and Tanzania.

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