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A Happy Good News | The Belize City & Belmopan Communication Center: Episode 2 |  Inspiring Hope

In February 2023 the Diocesan Communication Center of the Diocese of Belize City & Belmopan opened its doors to Belizeans from all paths of life. Featuring a production studio, conference center and top-notch media technology, it is on its way to becoming a reference point for youth, religious, lay and media professionals who wish to use modern means of communication to spread the Good News.

In the second episode of our 4-chapter series on this communications center as part of the Inspiring Hope campaign, we talk to Fr. Jordan Gongora, Director of Vocations and Formation at the diocese, who affirms that this project “is going to be extremely useful for our diocese and all of the Church in Belize and the Antilles. We will use it to evangelize and to reach others who are hungry for the Word of God”. 

Recognizing this center as a tool to train young media professionals, among other goals, is Rocio Carballo, Principal of Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio. “Having a center is not a luxury but a need. We need to reach out to so many families and have them come back to the Church” she says, mentioning how eager they are to keep promoting activities aimed at the youth. “The communications center is a great place to build a strong community. It gives us the chance to be heard by so many people and discuss relevant issues for our society. We are spreading the Word using technology and bringing across a message to families in need across the Antilles”.

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Inspiring hope: a SIGNIS project empowering new voices is a campaign sponsored by SIGNIS with support from the Catholic Communication Campaign aims to share stories of hope that inspire and generate social transformation from new communication resources—a journey through Burundi, Liberia, Belize, Mexico, and Tanzania. 

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