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Youth engages in “Storytelling in the Digital Age” workshop by SIGNIS Tamil Nadu and Madha TV

Madha TV, in collaboration with SIGNIS Tamil Nadu, is actively spearheading initiatives aligned with the Catholic Church’s mission to foster thoughtful engagement with digital experiences. Our efforts aim to inspire individuals and communities to embrace a creative and constructive approach to navigating the digital landscape.

Under the theme of “Storytelling in the Digital Age,” we have organized two-day workshops targeting select youth from diverse regions of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Salem, and Madurai. Over a hundred enthusiastic participants have actively engaged in these workshops, gaining invaluable insights and skills.

The workshops focus on various aspects of digital content creation, including utilizing storytelling platforms, mastering photo and video editing tools, fostering proactive online engagement, and promoting cyber-activism. Renowned speakers and professionals in the digital content creation field lead sessions, empowering participants to become socially responsible and digitally proficient individuals.

To ensure continuous learning and skill development, dedicated WhatsApp groups have been established for participants, offering ongoing guidance and tasks to enhance their digital storytelling abilities.

Future workshops are scheduled to take place in Nagercoil and Trichy, extending our reach to more youth across Tamil Nadu. Additionally, plans are underway to convene all workshop attendees in Chennai for a grand final conclave, providing a platform for networking and further collaborative opportunities.

Rev.Fr.David Arockiam, CEO Madha TV and Secretary, (Signis Tamilnadu), Rev.Fr. Arulanand, President (Signis Tamilnadu), Dr.Magimai Prakasam, Fr.Jenith Sekar, Fr.Jackson Louis, Dr.Rabi Bernard, Mr.Leo and the Diocesan Secretaries for social communications are in the forefront to initiate this workshop Programe.

Report by Fr. Jenith


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