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Youth & Women Empowerment on Air | Radio Paraclete, a New Voice in Liberia: Episode 2 | Inspiring Hope

When Radio Paraclete started broadcasting in Gbarnga, Liberia, the local society was facing more than just their daily challenges, it had to fight the pandemic. 

With timely and trustworthy information, in 2020 Radio Paraclete quickly became a reliable source of information for the people of the Diocese and beyond, and it was key in keeping people safe. Being the first Catholic radio station in the area, it was important to not only keep Liberians healthy but also informed, entertained, educated, and in touch with their faith. Like this, Radio Paraclete diversified its transmissions and touched on topics like justice, peace, reconciliation and women’s rights. 

An example of the latter is the program “2 Women Talk” hosted by female journalists. It discusses women’s participation in decision-making, the challenges they face, their potential, and their contribution to the community and its transformation. “In our society, the voices of women are hardly heard, more attention is always placed on men. As such, the program was brought on the radio so, through this medium, women could have their voices heard” says Mabel Sonnah, one of the hosts of the show. 

Another topic that is brought up by Radio Paraclete is youth development. For Martin Flomo, member of the Saint Martin’s High School press group, “The world can only be transformed when we young people are willing to cooperate to solve all the problems affecting our country. As a campus-based journalist, I am learning lots of practical aspects that I hope I can keep developing in places like Radio Paraclete”. 

Enjoy the second chapter of this 3-episode series here. 

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