NewsSIGNIS CommLab Alumni hold Workshop for Catholic Leaders in Indonesia

SIGNIS CommLab Alumni hold Workshop for Catholic Leaders in Indonesia

Building a relationship is an essential part of the process of human self-development. In the end, good relations will result in a collaboration that produces good deeds that may significantly impact the development of a community. 

This idea happened when we (Edgar from Indonesia & Tae from Thailand), as alumni of the SIGNIS CommLab program, realized the dream of continuing to collaborate even though we were not in the same country. 

The rapid development of communication has helped us realize this collaboration in the form of a training program for Catholic leaders in Indonesia. We are currently facing the same global problem in the field of communication, namely hoaxes and the decline of social awareness. 

On December 9, 2021, Edgar and his friends at the Pastoral Communication Development Unit of the Archdiocese of Semarang held a training entitled “Official social media management” for priests, sisters and brothers from various dioceses and congregations in Indonesia. No less than 30 participants attended the training with enthusiasm and happiness. Thanks to our developing relationship, Tae joined as one of the resource persons who explained how to create meaningful content that speaks to people and has the power to bring about changes.

Being a part of the SIGNIS CommLab programme is a valuable opportunity. We can pass on the knowledge we get from the program to others. If we want to, we can do many things with the facilities available to us in the field of communication. It is time to work for a better world.


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