Are you an association active in media or a media professional and you share with us the vision of the media for a culture of peace? Explore here our mission and learn more on how to join us.

You can join SIGNIS as a Member or as an Associate or by attending an event.

IF you are already a Member or an Associate sign in to the SIGNIS Member Directory to renew your membership and/or register for events:

To renew your membership, please, sign in and chose the “Membership” option and proceed with the payment.

To register to an event, please, sign in and chose the “Event registration” option, follow that by indicating the event in which you are interested and proceed with your registration.

IF you are not a Member or Associate yet and you wish to join SIGNIS, please fill the form by clicking here.

Our Members Team will contact you soon.

Major advantages in joining SIGNIS are:

  • To be connected with the six active desks operating in SIGNIS: Journalism, Cinema, TV, Radio, Media Education, Digital
  • The opportunity to participate in SIGNIS, ecumenical or interfaith juries at more than 35 film and television festivals around the world
  • Accreditation and the right to use the SIGNIS name and logo
  • Priority access to the technical services of SIGNIS Services Rome
  • The possibility of receiving letters of recommendation for scholarships, aid agencies or events
  • The creation of partnerships and collaborations with other members
  • Global visibility: promoting your activities through our website, social networks and print publications
  • Access to the largest international network of Catholic communicators
  • Discounts when participating in SIGNIS events
  • For young media professionals: the possibility to take part in the SIGNIS Talent Plus events and training for youth together with media experts

What is the difference between a Member and an Associate?

  • A member has a voting right during the Assemblies, associates do not have this voting right

Who can become a member?

  • National Catholic Associations that bring together institutions and persons that are active in journalism / audiovisual media/media education in a country.
  • International Catholic organizations for communication, which are active in several countries in the world, and which pursue similar goals to those of SIGNIS.

Who can become an associate?

  • Institutions, which are active in a country or part of a country, in connection with a national association for communication, and which pursue similar goals to those of SIGNIS.
  • Persons, who are active in the fields of communication, in connection with a national association for communication, and who pursue similar aims to those of SIGNIS.



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