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Cat Funeral wins SIGNIS Prize at TIFF 2024

Young Romanian filmmaker Ana-Maria Comănescu received the SIGNIS Prize in the official Romanian Days section of the 23rd Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF).

In its motivation, the SIGNIS Jury, composed of the celebrated figure of the Romanian film industry and Film Critic, Irina-Margareta Nistor, and the founder of the Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon, Elias Khlat, highlighted that Cat Funeral is a “film tackling universal issues on many layers about friendship, love and humor. For its well-chosen cast, the dog included, and the cinematography.”

In an interview with SIGNIS, Ana-Maria Comănescu stressed the importance of this award for the consolidation of the work of young filmmakers.

“This year, SIGNIS Romania introduced the SIGNIS Award for the Romanian Short Film Competition at TIFF, with a focus on showcasing emerging talent in the local cinema scene. This revival comes after a hiatus following the discontinuation of a student film festival several years ago. Short films are especially effective in reaching audiences through online cinema platforms and play a crucial role in identifying new, talented filmmakers who will shape the future of cinema” says Adriana Răcășan, Chair of the SIGNIS World Cinema & TV Desk and Vice-President of SIGNIS Europe.

The SIGNIS Prize includes 500 euros, offered by SIGNIS Romania, to the winning short film.

The Ecumenical and SIGNIS Juries at TIFF are initiatives of the new SIGNIS World Cinema & TV Desk, which is revitalizing, attracting more professionals and reaching  new festivals to promote our mission.

More details on the TIFF official website.


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