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SIGNIS Member in the Caribbean to hold Virtual Course on Church Documents and Digital Storytelling

(CSCC). From August 2 until August 6, 2021, The Caribbean School for Catholic Communications will offer a virtual course on documents of the Catholic Church and digital storytelling techniques.

The course is intended to teach participants how to stay in sync with the Church’s latest documents and translate their messages into creative productions. In addition, participants will also learn how to navigate through various media platforms and techniques to become digital storytellers.

The course is structured around two modules, each focusing on a particular theme:

Module 1: “Sync with the Message!” Participants will be presented with highlights from various Church documents (Laudato Si, Fratelli Tutti, Evangelii Gaudium and more).

Module 2: “Swim in the Medium!” Each day will focus on a different medium and show practical ways of applying the messages (audio, video, print, social media etc.) This session will also allow for interactive dialogue.

The course fee is US$50. To register, send an email to [email protected] or call +1 (868) 235-5510 (8:30am-10pm).


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