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SIGNIS Member in the Middle East SAT-7 awarded International Media Prize in the US

(SAT-7). The SAT-7 TV network was awarded the International Media award at the National Religious Broadcasters Christian Media Convention held in Dallas, Texas, June 21-24. 

SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer and Founder and President Dr Terence Ascott were present at the conference, where Ms El-Mounayer movingly dedicated the award to the Middle Eastern believers who make and watch SAT-7’s programs.

“I want to dedicate this award to the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa. To you, the Church who persevered, who preserved the faith for 2,000 years despite persecution and pain – in countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and others – so we can have the faith today”, Ms El-Mounayer shared in her speech.

“The biggest problem in the Middle East today is not war. It is not conflict. It is not politics. It is hopelessness. People have lost hope. They have lost hope in leaders. They have lost hope for education. They have lost hope for the future. And maybe they have even lost hope in God. We address all this in our programs, and we offer people hope, the true hope they deserve. And we pray this hope will be transformed into faith – a faith that will transform the Middle East for the better,” she added.

Ms El-Mounayer’s dedication received a standing ovation from the audience of Christians from the United States and around the world.


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