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Prix Philoxenia: Celebrating Youth Filmmakers and Hospitality

SIGNIS is proud to partner with Prix Philoxenia, a distinctive short film competition dedicated to nurturing the creative voices of young filmmakers aged 14 to 24. Derived from the Greek term “Philoxenia,” meaning the love of the foreigner, this competition, organized by ‘Le Jour du Seigneur,’ a program produced by CFRT, explores the multifaceted choices surrounding hospitality across cultural, generational, and societal realms.

Aspiring student filmmakers participating in the competition delve into personal stories of hospitality in their short films, shedding light on diverse scenarios such as coexistence in educational settings, supporting peers with disabilities, and navigating cultural and familial dynamics.

The competition spans three categories – elementary school, high school and higher Education. The awards include the prestigious Prix du Jury (Jury Prize) and the engaging Prix Coup de Cœur du Public (Audience’s Favorite), determined through online voting. You can vote for your favorite film from January 11, 2024, until the end of the month.

The awards ceremony, set to take place in Paris on February 2, 2024, will honor each winning short film, chosen by both a jury and the public, with a prize of 1,000 euros. This not only symbolizes recognition for creative endeavors but also promotes meaningful dialogue on the significance of hospitality, facilitated by the unique perspectives of the younger generation.

SIGNIS is delighted to contribute to this celebration of filmmaking and hospitality, providing a platform for young filmmakers to showcase their talent and engage in conversations that spark awareness and change. 


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