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International Workshop on Cineliteracy Training of Trainers (TOT) by SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk

An International Online Workshop on ‘Cinema Literacy’ was held from 14-18, June 2021 organised by the Cinema Desk of SIGNIS Asia. Sixty-three participants (teachers, media professionals, youth leaders, and educators) from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Korea, participated in the programme.

The course content includes, image literacy, film appreciation: thematic, technical, ethnographic, and aesthetic, film language, critical film analysis, film evaluation, women and children in films, film direction, techniques of film making, cineliteracy teaching techniques, and film festivals.

Prof. Jenith Sekar of NISCORT, New Delhi, Prof. Vikas Singh from Delhi University, Fr. Benedict from Alaigal Media, and Dr. Magimai Pragasam, film maker and media consultant were the resource persons. The entire programme was coordinated by Fr. Joseph Vu Huu Hein, Ms. Maria and Dr. Magimai Pragasam (Team Leader), with Mac Machida, the Chief Coordinator, and the Chair of Cinema Desk, SIGNIS Asia.

The participants spent three hours a day in the sessions and spent extra time for preparing daily assignments given by resource persons.

The PowerPoint  presentations, short films and clippings from well-known films, personal experiences and short exercises used by the resource persons created much needed interest and motivation among the participants. It also enabled the participants to understand the concepts and techniques of film appreciation well.

Nearly two hundred assignments were received from the participants during the five days, and this stands a testimony to the passion and commitment of the participants towards the programme. Assignments were corrected and sent back to the participant by the resource persons. 

‘I am blessed to be part of this workshop, that is really amazing’ said Aarrfa Rajput from Delhi.  ‘Sincere thanks and gratitude to the Cinema Desk for this workshop. I am fascinated by the presentations, knowledge, skills, and experience of the resource persons. In the light of this workshop, we are going to implement some activities soon’, said Bindu Suman Rozario of Bangladesh.

Catherine Chinneimawi from North East India said, ‘I value this programme greatly and looking forward to animating the seminarians and aspirants’.  Seong Yoon Ryu of Korea said,  ‘It was a great honour to join the classes and it was a wonderful journey’.

Luz Villanueva of Philippines said, ‘I really appreciate the programme and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned to our high school students and teachers’.

‘We really appreciate the authentic commitment of the organisers and resource persons in making this programme a success’ said Linton from Sri Lanka.

‘I was very happy and grateful when I received the Certificate for completing the five-day workshop on Cine-literacy. It was amazing to learn a lot on cineliteracy during a short span of time. Thank you very much for the certificate. I am privileged to own a one’ said Sr. NgocLan FMM from Vietnam.

The second phase of the programme for the same participants will be held in September 2021. In the meantime, the participants would conduct a cineliteracy session on a chosen topic at local level in a school, parish or an institute for young people, using all the techniques and content learnt. The video documentation of the same would be sent to organisers for evaluation during the second phase of the programme.

A 143 pages resource guide (eBook) on ‘cineliteracy’ exclusively prepared for this programme containing resource materials from resource persons, was presented to all the participants prior to the programme for reference.

The programme ended on 18th June with concluding remarks by Mac Machida, the Chair of Cinema Desk, address by Fr. Anucha Joseph Chaiyadej, the President of SIGNIS Asia, evaluation by Dr. Magimai Pragasam, the Team Leader and final prayer by Fr. Joseph Vu Huu Hein, the Coordinator of the programme.

Dr. A. Magimai Pragasam


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