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SIGNIS Romania launches FILMIKON, an international festival of films awarded by ecumenical juries

In a celebration of cinematic excellence and thoughtful exploration of Christian and human values, FILMIKON, launched by SIGNIS Romania, is living its inaugural edition from January 18th to 25th. This groundbreaking event takes place at prominent venues in Bucharest, including Elvire Popesco Cinema, Union Cinema, and St. Joseph Cathedral.d

FILMIKON aims to offer audiences a unique cinematic experience by showcasing a curated selection of films that have received acclaim from ecumenical and interfaith juries in over 30 film festivals worldwide. The festival does not only feature screenings but also fosters engaging discussions with cinema producers and professionals.

The festival kicked off with a special screening of “Perfect Days,” directed by Wim Wenders, winner of the Ecumenical Jury Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023, and it was followed by a dialogue with Roman Catholic priest Francisc Dobos, which was moderated by renowned film critic and FILMIKON director, Ileana Bîrsan.

Irina-Margareta Nistor and Olimpia Melinte.

Throughout the week, FILMIKON will continue to captivate audiences with a diverse lineup of films, each followed by insightful discussions with theologians, psychologists, and cultural figures. Notable films include “Freedom” by Tudor Giurgiu, “The Old Oak Tree” by Ken Loach, and “God Exists and His Name Is Petrunija” by Teona Strugar Mitevska.

The festival’s unique programming extends beyond traditional cinema venues, with a special screening at St. Joseph Cathedral on Sunday, January 21st, featuring the “Passion of Joan of Arc Concert” accompanied by live music from organist Alexandre Catău. The screening was preceded by a dialogue between Ileana Bîrsan and Dr. Mihaela Voicu, a professor at the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology, University of Bucharest.

FILMIKON is made in partnership the French Institute, Cinema Union, Bad Unicorn, Independența Film, Transilvania Film, August Film, and the Institut français de Roumanie à Bucarest, which was inaugurated during the festival.

Screening of Perfect Days.

Adriana Răcășan, deputy president of SIGNIS Europe and Chair of the SIGNIS Cinema and Television Desk, says that “the goal is to expand FILMIKON and present it in all SIGNIS partner countries that may find interest in such a project, particularly as a cultural initiative supporting the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity”, underlining SIGNIS’ commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding through the art of cinema.

As FILMIKON unfolds in Bucharest, it promises not only a cinematic feast for film enthusiasts but also a platform for meaningful conversations around faith, values, and the shared human experience.

Tickets and further details are available here.


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