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A force for peace and reconciliation | Radio Paraclete, a New Voice in Liberia: Episode 1 | Inspiring Hope

The town of Gbarnga, in Liberia, is experiencing a seismic shift with the emergence of a groundbreaking radio station that is rewriting the narrative of information dissemination in the region. Nestled in the northeastern sector of the country, the diocese of Gbarnga found itself devoid of a robust communication system capable of swiftly and accurately updating its people. With scarce newspapers and only a sparse number of radio frequencies arriving from the capital city of Monrovia, the nearly one million inhabitants of the diocese remained voiceless until the debut of Radio Paraclete.

Coming from the vision of Bishop Anthony Borwah, a journalist with a keen understanding of the potent influence of radio beyond the confines of the church, Radio Paraclete became a reality on Pentecost Sunday 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. Bishop Borwah collaborated with SIGNIS to establish the area’s first Catholic radio and upon assembly and dispatch to Liberia, the equipment was received by the local team. They expressed immense joy at witnessing the radio station become a tangible reality that included mixers, microphones, computers, and all that was necessary for successfully transmitting news. In particular, it was important to have high-performing equipment to establish themselves as a reliable source of information, as communication outlets in the area tend to be biased. “The mission of Radio Paraclete is to be a voice for peace and reconciliation. We evangelize through the radio” says Rev. George Matthias Wolo Jr, manager of Radio Paraclete, remembering how vital it is for him that the team works freely, independently and not under the influence of politics. 

Operating on solar power -due to the instability of electricity in the area – Radio Paraclete engages the community through the efforts of dedicated journalists and the provision of training for the next generation of professionals, aiming to empower young Liberians. The station also endeavors to impart knowledge on justice, civilization, youth development, human dignity, peace, and reconciliation. This holistic approach extends beyond spiritual matters, especially pertinent in a country scarred by war.

Looking ahead, Radio Paraclete aspires to expand its coverage, reaching even the capital city, Monrovia. Plans include venturing into online broadcasting through a web radio service, transcending geographical boundaries and offering a peak of live in Gbnargna to the world. The station aims to become a focal point for those seeking insights into Liberia, challenging the dominance of international mainstream media in shaping global perceptions of the nation. Radio Paraclete stands poised to amplify its impact and cement its status as a beacon of information and inspiration for the people of Liberia.

Enjoy the first chapter of this 3-episode series here. 

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