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SIGNIS president Christmas Message

As I write this message, I reflect on the writings of St. Oscar Romero, the patron of SIGNIS. “And there is anguish, there is uncertainty, there are many that are suffering, there are many homes where loved ones are missing, there is sadness at Christmas,” then-Archbishop Oscar Romero wrote in his homily on Christmas Eve, 1978. “But a Christian knows that there is a deep joy, a joy of hope and faith … To that serene joy I invite everyone.”

St. Romero’s words resonate with so many of us this year. I am weary of words such as “unprecedented” and “unimaginable” and “historic,” since we are using them to describe a tragedy and human suffering which is, well, unprecedented, unimaginable, and historic. It is also deeply sorrowing to know that much of this pain could have been averted if we had been more willing to set aside differences so as to protect and support the vulnerable. 

The world appears to be in a terrible place. But! St. Romero reminds us we have been given a joy-filled promise, a God who has chosen to be with us, amid our anguish and suffering, and in the midst of our fear.

Christian joy will carry us through these tragic days. It is a joy that is not oblivious to the pandemic, but instead sees God’s Word written on the face of those who suffer. This is because we know the only antidote to the pandemic is love for our fellow human beings. Over this past year I have heard so many stories about how people are turning to Catholic media for hope. Many of our media outlets have more readers, viewers, followers, subscribers than ever before, despite our financial woes and stretched human resources.

I pray each of you may continue your work in 2021, to tell the great story of Christian joy and hope. People need to hear that story, my friends. It is a noble vocation you and I have. May the “serene joy” of that realization bring you a truly blessed Christmas season and a New Year filled with “a deep joy, a joy of faith and hope.”

Helen Osman,

SIGNIS President


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