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Say no to discrimination in education! – UNESCO #RightToEducation campaign

(UNESCO). This year marks 60 years since the adoption by UNESCO’s General Conference of the Convention against Discrimination in Education: the first and only legally binding international treaty exclusively dedicated to the right to education. 

For this occasion, UNESCO is celebrating the 60th anniversary of this Convention through the campaign ‘Say no to discrimination in education’, which has begun on 10 December, Human Rights Day, and will culminate on 14 December, the adoption date. This anniversary also coincides with the 10th Consultation of Member States on the implementation of the Convention.  

Six decades have passed since the adoption of the Convention yet the #RightToEducation is still not a reality for millions. It is high time to ensure the realization of this right by renewing the attention paid to the rights and obligations laid down in the Convention to effectively putting an end to all kinds of discrimination and ensuring equality of opportunity in education.

Join the celebration and help spread the word on the significance of this Convention to ensure that everyone has the right to education without any discrimination!


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