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Christ-figures… there on our screens

How do we find Christ in films that are not directly about Jesus of Nazareth? This has been one of the recurring challenges to Peter Malone who has spent more than fifty years as a reviewer of films with a constant interest in uncovering themes, characters and plots that reveal Christ-like figures and images.

Christ-figures – there on our screens is a fascinating insight into more than thirty films that the author explores for their – generally hidden – portrayals of characteristics that reflect the life and teaching of Jesus in the Gospels.

The book is offered to help us reflect on the films and to discuss them in formal or informal groups. It will also be a rich resource for Religious Education when film becomes a way of helping students appreciate how the Gospel messages are interpreted, portrayed and lived.

… a really fertile topic for examination and allows us to ask searching questions about how we may be afforded the opportunity to learn more about Christ through film and film through Christ. – Chris Deacy, Reader in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Kent.

… presents readers with a stimulating unmasking of how movies work, why they work, and what drives film critics to make the judgments they do… This is an outstanding book by an inspiring scholar. – Peter Sheehan AO, Associate of Jesuit Media.

Peter’s writing provides us with contemporary theological language and keen insight that unpacks depictions of Christ and Christ-like characters. – Charles Watt, Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission, Genazzano College, Kew.

Peter has highlighted the Jesus figure in some of my favourite movies, and now I have a whole new list for my ‘to watch list’. – Sr Rita Malavisi, National Chair, Conference of Spiritual Directors Australia.

Published by Coventry Press, Melbourne  +61 (0)477 809 037, available in Book shops in Australia, UK, US.


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