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The SIGNIS Jury at BAFICI 2023

The Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, BAFICI, took place in the Argentine capital from April 19 to May 1, 2023.

In its 24th edition, the SIGNIS jury was present, composed of Valeria González (SIGNIS Argentina) and Elizabeth Salazar (SIGNIS Chile), who awarded a prize and two special mentions.

The Second Special Mention went to Zanox – Risks and Side Effects, (Benő Baranyi, Hungary, 2022). A comedy with elements of science fiction, well achieved, with a criticism of the health system. There is the issue of mental illness and the irresponsible use of medicines, due to the vulnerability of those who use them. 

The First Special Mention was awarded to The New Greatness Case, (Anna Shishova, Finland / Croatia / Norway, 2022). A committed, courageous and moving documentary that shows, through the case of a young political prisoner, the injustice and violation of human rights in Russia. Valuable, moreover, for her accompaniment in the privacy of the mother at trial, when she goes to prison, at demonstrations and at home with the young woman, integrating material from hidden cameras and other images of the case, more his voice-over in the first person around the socio-political context. 

Finally, the SIGNIS Grand Prix was awarded to Upon Entry, (Alejandro Rojas, Juan Sebastián Vasquez, Spain, 2022). An excellently directed film that, with little budget, achieves an intelligent look and a growing tension, with admirable performances, script and editing. The insidious and discriminatory system of immigration control in the United States and the abuse of power by officials, which goes beyond immigration control to act on trust within the ties, are both moving and accurate.


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