NewsRadio Professionals gather for SIGNIS Asia First International Radio Encounter

Radio Professionals gather for SIGNIS Asia First International Radio Encounter

(SIGNIS Asia). “Engaging the Youth for a Dynamic Radio Uniting Asia and the World” was the theme chosen by the SIGNIS Asia Radio Desk for their First International Radio Encounter held May 9-12 in Negombo, Sri Lanka, as a hybrid event.

The 100 participants included Catholic radio broadcasters, podcasters, and producers from around the world, as well as young participants from the six regions of SIGNIS: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, North America and the Pacific. 

The event aimed to be an international forum for radio experts and youth to exchange ideas, especially for professional development and improving best practices. 

Among the speakers were Fr. Paul Samasumo, Chair of the SIGNIS Radio Desk and Vice President of SIGNIS, Isabel Gatti, President of SIGNIS Argentina, Pamela Aleman, Vice President of SIGNIS North America and Bernard F. Cañaberal, President of SIGNIS Philippines and radio professional. Each presenter shared their experiences for two hours, which also included a discussion or interactive Q&A session.

The International Radio Encounter will be followed by a campaign leading to the SIGNIS World Congress 2022 in Korea to promote the value of radio worldwide, as confirmed by Dayana Ortiz from Ecuador, winner of the SIGNIS Radio Desk youth international podcast competition.

Click here for a detailed account of the event.


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