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SIGNIS Radio Desk announces Youth Podcast Competition Winners

January 31, 2022 (SIGNIS Radio Desk). The SIGNIS Radio Desk announced the winners of the International Youth Podcast Competition launched in January last year.

Young people from all regions of the world were invited to participate by sending a 1 to 3-minute podcast on Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti: On fraternity and social friendship” as a way to encourage youth to read the document. A total of 41 podcasts were received. All podcasts were submitted with a synopsis in English.

Prizes for the winners will be awarded in May 2022 and all participants will receive a certificate.

The winners are:

1st Place: Ecuador – Dayanara Ortiz; 2,000 USD. Title: ‘The Message of Pope Francis FRATELLI TUTTI’. The content of the encyclical is presented with great creativity, in a school class format. The production displays very good technical quality.

2nd Place: Peru – Kate Salcedo; 1,500 USD. Title: ‘Iglesia Viva’. This podcast shows a very good use of radio language because of the variety of resources and quality. The content of the encyclical is clearly explained and participation is encouraged based on the values it proposes.

3rd Place: Cuba – Rachel Diez; 1,000 USD. Title: ‘El camino posible de la fraternidad: 3 minutos con Fratelli Tutti’. Very good journalistic dialogue on the value of knowing the encyclical and the values proposed by it. Very clear language and good technical performance.

4th Place: Costa Rica – John Paul Campos; 750 USD. Title: ‘Together we can do big things’. This podcast is characterized by great creativity, bringing the world of superheroes closer to the problems proposed by Pope Francis. This is an important value for working with young people, very empathetic to that reality.

5th Place: Nigeria – Richard. Oyeleke, The Catholic Lab; 500 USD. Title: ‘Fratelli Tutti’. This podcast clearly enunciates the message that the encyclical offers. The technical realization is neat.


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