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Empowering Youth Through the Media:  Insights from the Audio and Visual Media Session

Article by Fidelmah Urakupa

Port Moresby. Today, our youth, especially students, need to see and know more about what is happening in the world today. Messages communicated either visually or auditorily impact the mindset of the audience. On Saturday, April 27, 2024, with the theme ‘I have a dream’, the third session of the Media Seminar series with a focus on audio and visual media took place at La Salle Technical School, Hohola, Papua New Guinea.

The program began with an opening prayer, with student representatives from each Catholic institution saying a short prayer for themselves, followed by party games led by Ms. Sheryll before the session began. 


The program was organized and facilitated by Fr. Ambrose Pereira, SDB, EAO Social Communication Coordinator, and volunteer animators. Animator, Ms. Patrina Kaboanga, presented on Jingles and why they are used to promote an idea. She explained how to write jingles and stressed the advantages of using jingles, stating: “It is easy to remember, cost-effective, builds branding for the company, and jingles have stood the test of time.” 

The second session was led by Ms. Jessica Oata, a representative from the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI. She discussed the “20 seconds of fame” video presentation, emphasizing basic tips: knowing your script, appearance, platform skills, essential voice and delivery skills. “When writing the script, keep it simple with basic language. When speaking in front of the camera, ensure your voice is clear and loud. Speak from the heart, keeping your content short and simple using everyday vocabulary,” said Jessica. She also stressed, “When filming, remember you’re not speaking to the camera but visually communicating a message to the audience. Keep the script conversational.” 


The third session, facilitated by Ms. Lucy Napitalai, focused on Radio Drama. She described it as a form of dramatic performance specifically designed for radio broadcast. She further explained that radio drama incorporates scripted dialogue, sound effects, and music to vividly portray stories in the minds of listeners. Ms. Lucy also delved into the Key Components of Radio Drama, emphasizing scripted dialogue, sound effects, music, and voice acting. She highlighted the benefits of Radio Drama, including fostering imagination, enhancing accessibility, offering versatility, and promoting engagement. As Alfred H. rightly stated, “Drama is life, with dull bits cut out!” 

During this session, the program welcomed the visit of media professionals, news reporters from EMTV. Among them was Tamara Agavi, who recounted her previous involvement in the same Media Education Program facilitated by Fr. Ambrose during her time at Divine Word University. Reflecting on her experience with EMTV, she remarked, “I find my job as a reporter enjoyable, even though quite hectic. Meeting deadlines involves writing articles within 30 minutes and sending them to the editors via WhatsApp or other platforms for editing before publication, either through television or newspapers.” 

The concluding session was led by Mr. Leo, who dealt with the fundamentals of Video Basic Shots. “We create videos to represent or construct reality that aims to deliver a message,” stated Leo Paraha. He emphasized the importance of three basic shots: the long shot, medium shot, and close-up shot, stressing the necessity of keeping the camera steady, clean, and safe. Mr. Leo advised against zooming and shooting at eye level whenever possible, urging attendees to avoid overly dark or overexposed shots. He also emphasized the significance of ensuring clean and clear audio. 


During evaluations, two questions were posed to the participants: “What struck you? And how will you share it with your companions at school/institution?

“The Radio Drama was very new to us, but it allowed us to think outside the box, thus helping us reach our highest level of creativity. We will share what we have learned through the Media Club we have in our school on the second Wednesday of every month.” – St. Joseph’s International Catholic College.

“I am challenged and fortunate to participate in this Media Education Seminar.  I have learned a lot of interestingthings such as Jingle, Video Basic Shots, and Radio Drama.” – Clement Y Rheeney

“When presenting, you must know your script – keep it simple because being confident and speaking in front of the camera or in the media might influence or impact the mindset of the audience.” – Lasia Ronsen

“The most enjoyable part of this day was during the activity of the Radio Drama and the party games led by Miss Sheryll. The meeting of deadlines makes things quite challenging and hectic. We will continue to share our knowledge about MES to our fellow companions in school by writing articles and presenting them during assembly.” – LaSalle Technical Secondary School 

In conclusion, Fr. Ambrose expressed his gratitude and appreciation to everyone for coming and participating in the session and most especially to Br Anthony Swamy, principal, staff, and students of La Salle Technical Secondary School for the venue and the hospitality. We now look forward to the overnight session at Sivarai Namona Bomana on the 3rd and 4th May 2024.



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