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SIGNIS calls for individual action to build a culture of peace

SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communications, is launching a groundbreaking global online action on March 24, inviting people to pledge to use #MediaforPeace.

March 24 is the feast day of St. Oscar Romero, patron saint of SIGNIS, who was martyred in 1980 for his work to bring peace, including through media, to El Salvador.

SIGNIS is a nongovernmental organization for Catholic media and communication professionals throughout the world, providing inspiration, knowledge and support needed by communicators to tell the stories of their communities to audiences near and far. 

The Media for Peace pledge campaign is part of a wider effort by SIGNIS to build a culture of peace through the media and communications. The campaign aims to increase media literacy so individuals and organizations can harness the power of media to build peace.

To raise funds in support of this endeavor, organizations, communities, families, and individuals are invited to donate to support media for peace.

“Media is a powerful tool, which can be used to build and strengthen the common good,” explained SIGNIS Board President Helen Osman. “We have the ability to stop the lies and misinformation which tear apart our communities. Like St. Oscar Romero, we can amplify the voices of those who have been suppressed. ‘Peace is dynamism. Peace is generosity. It is a right and it is a duty,’ St. Romero said. With our generosity, we can make peace a right and a duty for all.”

Schools, parishes, community organizations and leaders, public figures, philanthropists, artists and citizens are invited to raise awareness about this global pledging effort. The funds collected will be channelled into three strands: media access, education and literacy, and training. 

Each donor will be invited to vote for a 501(c)3 organization that uses media for peace to receive a prize. SIGNIS will award these three (3) prizes during the Media for Peace: Celebration of Voices virtual event on 8 May 2021:

  1. Organization with the most unique donor votes will receive 10% of funds raised.
  2. Organization with the second most unique donor votes will receive 5% of funds raised.
  3. Organization with the third most unique donor votes will receive 1% of funds raised.

Find out more about the effort and how to get involved at:

All media inquiries can be directed to Sarah Rose | [email protected]

More Information

Media for Peace pledge website

Celebration of Voices event website


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