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SWC 2022 Praying Day

Praying Day for the 2022 SIGNIS World Congress will start on August 22, 2022 from 10:00 to 10:05 PM Seoul, Korea Time.

The purpose of this initiative is to pray that the next SIGNIS World Congress will come to fruition and to pray together around the world for all those involved in this global event.

This global Praying Day will initiate on august 22, 2021 and will consecutively take place on the 22nd day of every month until the opening of the world Congress in Seoul, Korea in august of 2022.
Together In prayer through the legacy of our patron St. Oscar Romero and St. Taejon Kim, SIGNIS members will be united as a global community of communicators in the service of peace in their own countries and regions.

We also ask that this prayer be part of all of our organization’s activities  such as gatherings, conferences, seminars and other oficial SIGNIS events.

Prayer for SIGNIS World Congress 2022

O God, by your Word, You have created the universe 

and sent us Our Savior. 

VVe thank You, God, for summoning us
in spreading the good news through mass communication. 

O God, as we enηbark on this endeavor under the theme ¨Peace in the Digital VVorld¨, 

we ask that You lead the SIGNIS VVorld Congress 2022
so that it may send the message of peace to the world. 

AIso, let the light shine upon us as we prepare for the Congress,
and we ask that You provide us
with those who may offer their prayers, services, and generous contributions. 

Let aII those engaged in the media industry become communicators of culture promoting peace and help al! those around the world. 

Ve pray that aII communications on Earth may help reveal Your glory and sow the gift of peace. Amen. 

BIessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace Pray for us. 

Saint Oscar Romero, Pray for us. 

Saint Andrew Taegon Kim and aII the Martyr Saints of Korea Pray for us.


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