HeadlineTurning Passion into Profession with Hillstone Mediaworks

Turning Passion into Profession with Hillstone Mediaworks

The way one communicator becomes a professional.

Stanley Hector (SIGNIS CommLab Graduate) has been an independent film writer and director for nearly a decade, gaining invaluable experience developing and producing short films, documentaries, and commercial ads. His talent and dedication have led his works to prestigious film festivals across the globe, including the New York Indian Film Festival, Children’s Film Festival Seattle, and Regent Park Film Festival. At the start of 2023, Stanley decided to take his wealth of experience to the next level by founding his own production house, Hillstone Mediaworks LLP. His vision for this new venture was to transform his lifelong passion for filmmaking into a thriving business. Hillstone Mediaworks aims to establish itself as a leading media company and foster a healthy and creative working environment for its employees by promoting strong ethical and professional values.

Hillstone Mediaworks is not limited to a single domain. It offers a wide range of visual media services, including commercial and digital ads, animation videos, motion graphics, films, and web series development. Since its inception, the company has worked with diverse clients, from a trendy clothing brand to a reputable newspaper and even a state government. This variety is a testament to the versatility and broad appeal of the company’s services. In June 2024, Stanley led a two-week social media campaign to launch Hillstone Mediaworks’ new website. The campaign was designed for Instagram to maximize follower engagement and increase page exposure. It started with a teaser post to pique curiosity, followed by a 15-second video announcing the website launch, and Instagram stories offering a sneak peek into the website’s look and feel.

To further engage the audience, Stanley included interactive elements like a Bollywood quiz and polls in the Instagram stories, encouraging direct participation from followers. The grand finale was a post announcing that the website was officially live. The campaign was a resounding success, resulting in a 38.60% increase in followers and a significant boost in page visitors. Stanley plans to continue executing similar social media campaigns to maintain momentum and increase Hillstone Mediaworks’ online presence. Alongside managing the company, he is also focused on developing his debut feature film, a thrilling heist movie that promises to captivate audiences. His story is an inspiring example of how one can turn their passion into a successful profession while positively impacting the industry. As Hillstone Mediaworks grows, it remains committed to delivering high-quality visual media services and fostering a supportive and innovative workplace for its team.


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