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Ecumenical Prize at the 64th International Film Festival for Children and Youth

The new edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlin (Czech Republic) took place from May 30 to June 5, 2024. The 2024 Ecumenical Prize was awarded to :

HLM Pussy/Sisterhood by Nora El Hourch (France, 2023)

The debut film of Nora el Hourch is a strong film about friendship, struggle for justice and equality in gender, social and racial/ethnical issues. Under the harsh surface of the everyday life in contemporary France shines the beauty of a story of friendship, dreams for a better future and identity for the characters of the film. The filmic language is violent, outspoken and direct – which gives it a strong authenticity.

The film deals with very controversial issues of abuse and violence in a way that doesn’t go black and white but holds a much more nuanced distinguishing between the deeds and the perpetrators as human beings with a spark of love.

The main drama of the film is the clash among the three girls, the dilemma between the fight for women rights, social rights and the basic struggle to survive with dignity at the bottom of society.

In addition, from the International Feature Film Competition in the category “Junior,” the Ecumenical Jury awarded a Commendation to:

“Lars is LOL” by Eirik Sæter Stordahls (Norway 2023)

In “Lars is LOL” the 11 years old Amanda is unwillingly given the responsibility of her classmate with Down syndrome. When she fails the school’s and her own moral standards in regard to bullying she has to find the courage to ask for forgiveness. The film beautifully depicts the many layers and facets of forgiveness.

The Ecumenical Jury in Zlín 2024, from left: Stanislaw Zeman (Czech Republic), Iva Folajtárová (Czech Republic), Lars Obel (Denmark).


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