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7 ways to support young people in the digital age

By Óscar Elizalde Prada (SIGNIS Colombia). The constant and dizzying evolution of the digital age means that we must face it with relevance and creativity. Here are a few tips for those who accompany young people in their digital worlds:

1. Bridge the digital gap.

Support the new generations and stay up to date to understand their reality, their language, their points of view.  We cannot lose sight of the fact that one of the permanent challenges is “touching the heart”.

2. Being more mobile without losing depth.

Digital devices can play an important role in the art of accompanying people within their youth cultures. Accompaniment requires depth and, of course, time to listen, converse, reflect and discern.

3. Sensitivity in creating digital narratives.

Be attentive to the digital storytelling formats that have an impact, sometimes all-consuming, on young people.  We should feel the need to adapt our narratives to these new formats.

4. A healthy Internet.

A more authentic and true digital culture. A “vigilant” attitude is necessary to ensure that technological tools do not end up as endless sources of disruption in themselves.

5. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

We must rediscover our vocation for service, go out to encounter others in this era of change and recreate our communicative ecosystem with connection, closeness, as key..

6. Prioritize collaborative work.

Supporting young people in the digital age means being ready to build and learn with them. It is about feeling “connected” and coresponsible for the communication task.

7. Humanize the network.

We need to generate not only connections, but also authentic experiences of communion and humanize the network with the power of truth and the Gospel.


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