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SIGNIS Mandate 2023-2026: shaping the future of global communications

An ad hoc committee formed during the SIGNIS Assembly of Delegates has identified three key priorities to guide the SIGNIS Board. The mandate, to be actioned through 2026, was developed by the committee to establish a strategic direction for the organization, taking into account the Synodal Process, the Mission of SIGNIS, and the work of the previous SIGNIS Board.

The committee took into consideration the outcome of several meetings held by SIGNIS President Helen Osman and other delegates over the past few months, who in the spirit of embracing the synodal process, shared what was needed most in their Regions in terms of media and communication.

The three main priorities that were identified are Formation, Engaging Youth and Women as active protagonists, and Advocacy/Awareness.

Formation is considered crucial at all levels of the organization. The committee emphasizes the importance of professional and spiritual formation, tailored to address the diverse realities of SIGNIS regions worldwide. 

Engaging youth and women as active protagonists is another key priority. Recognizing the significance of young professionals in driving organizational renewal, the committee emphasizes the need to equip them with the necessary skills to succeed as professionals. Additionally, the emancipation of women at a grassroots level is crucial to promote equal integration and ensure leadership roles are distributed fairly, leading to a prosperous and sustainable future.

Advocacy and Awareness form the third priority on the committee’s agenda. The goal is to let all media professionals know that SIGNIS is a place they can come to for collaboration, promotion, and strengthening of their own media plans. 

The committee also recognizes the importance of incorporating professionals who identify with SIGNIS’ mission and vision, even if they are not part of the inner structure of the Church. Inclusivity and a strong focus on internal communications are seen as essential elements for fostering a culture of understanding among all members.

With these priorities established, the mandate reads as follows:

1. To focus on formation for social transformation:

This involves developing projects and concrete actions that have an impact on public policies, particularly benefiting marginalized communities. In addition, the committee aims to implement a safeguarding protocol for all members, prioritizing the protection of the most vulnerable, including the elderly, women, and the young.

2. To develop ways to strengthen the identity of the organization and its work to include the participation of two important groups: youth and women.

SIGNIS emphasizes the importance of involving women in leadership roles related to human rights, social justice, and the care of creation. Furthermore, we aim to equip young people with critical communication skills, empowering them to become prepared media professionals. propagate the message of SIGNIS.

3. To redefine the work of the Desks to include members according to their professional capacities to promote a global interaction 

The SIGNIS Desks are a hub where communication professionals from around the world unite, putting their talents and expertise into action. They shall include members based on their professional capacities to promote global interaction and collaboration, connecting and uniting members from across the world.

This mandate reflects SIGNIS’ commitment to shaping the future of global communications by using the synodal approach to best cater to our member’s needs and those of society at large. With these actions, SIGNIS reaffirms its pledge to use media to promote a culture of peace where dignity, justice and reconciliation take the lead. 


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