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Third online discussion ahead of VI COMLAC

(SIGNIS ALC). The paradigm of educommunication in the face of the challenges of Latin America and the Caribbean is the theme of the third online discussion organized ahead of the VI Latin American and Caribbean Communication Congress (VI COMLAC).

The meeting, which will take place on March 18, 2021, will have as speakers Ismar de Oliveira (Brazil), José Manuel Pérez Tornero (Spain) and María Teresa Quiroz (Peru). The moderation will be done by educators Carlos Ferraro (Argentina), president of SIGNIS ALC and of the VI COMLAC Organizing Committee, and Jaime Carril (Chile), president of the Academic Committee.

The objective of the conversations before the VI COMLAC, which will continue to be organized until the 2022 Congress, is to discuss proposals and encourage reflection on the event’s main theme: “Communication, Interculturality, Spirituality for Social Transformation”.

More information via this link (in Spanish).


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