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SIGNIS Cuba elects new Board of Directors

(SIGNIS Cuba). The new board of directors will guide and oversee SIGNIS Cuba for two years.

On Saturday, April 10, SIGNIS Cuba has announced the election of a new board of directors. In a statement, the board members reaffirmed their commitment to promoting a culture of peace and putting themselves at the service of Cuba, its people, and all those who accompany them on this journey of communication and faith.

The new members of the Board are Xavier Carbonell, President, Ana Margarita Pérez Salceda, Vice-President, Rosario Vázquez, Publications Department, Jorge Luis Nodal, Radio Department, and Manuel A. Rodríguez Yong, Audiovisual Department.

Members were elected for two years until Easter 2023, when the circumstances should allow for the General Assembly of SIGNIS Cuba.


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