NewsMediaSIGNIS Brazil moves forward with the creation of a news agency

SIGNIS Brazil moves forward with the creation of a news agency

(SIGNIS ALC). A team made up of journalists Luís Henrique Marques, Cleonice Nascimento, Karla Maria, and Osnilda Lima held its first meeting to define the news agenda and draw the first editorial guidelines for a SIGNIS news agency. The agency aims to produce news and reports on the Church, emphasising its prophetic mission.

The project, which is currently in a pilot phase, is an initiative of SIGNIS Brazil, which hopes to count on the collaboration of all partners.

As the Vice-President of SIGNIS Brazil, Osnilda Lima, told the magazine Cidade Nova, “this project will bring something different for the Church, for the social pastoral dimension, and for the popular movements, always in the light of communication for a culture of peace. In Brazil, we feel that there is a lack of an agency that gathers all this information, all these actions of the Church, of places where nobody goes but where the Church is present and is making a difference. Often, this is not made visible, and it is not communicated. This project of the agency wants to be a spokesperson for this side of Church”.


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