NewsSIGNIS Mexico renews Board of Directors

SIGNIS Mexico renews Board of Directors

(SIGNIS ALC). SIGNIS Mexico held its 2022 Ordinary Assembly and elected a new board of directors for 2022-2026. 

On February 12, 2022, Beatriz González was elected new president of SIGNIS Mexico by the members of the Ordinary Assembly, while Rogelio Vega Llanas was elected new vice-president.

The new board of directors expressed their gratitude to the SIGNIS Mexico members and their commitment to respond to the association’s needs. “I ask for your prayers and count on them to be able to serve this organization”, said Rogelio Vega. Beatriz Gonzalez assured that she would devote all her efforts and fully commit to her new responsibility as president of the association.

The Assembly also accepted 13 new members to SIGNIS Mexico, including a few communication professionals. They also congratulated the young people who participated in the 2021 radio workshop organized by SIGNIS ALC and are part of the RadioLío production team, which was launched at the end of the training programme.

In a video message, Carlos Ferraro, the President of SIGNIS ALC, highlighted the growth of the Mexican association. “The activities, social media presence, and wide variety of workshops led by SIGNIS Mexico are all praiseworthy,” he said.

He also congratulated the dynamic team of young communicators who are part of RadioLío: “The voice of young people over the last years has been remarkable, and I am grateful for their creativity, commitment and professionalism”, he added.


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