NewsMediaThe SIGNIS Annual Report for 2020

The SIGNIS Annual Report for 2020

Last year the world as we knew it was turned upside down.  Every culture, social sector, and profession faced unforeseen, crushing challenges.  History tells us that the loss of hope in those moments can lead to division and violence.  If ever SIGNIS members were faced with what it really meant to do the work of “media for a culture of peace,” it was in 2020.  This annual report reflects the creative ways Catholic communicators all over the globe rose to the occasion.  The young media professionals who grace the cover of this report embraced life in another culture in the midst of the pandemic, and found a way to use digital media to share their experience with peers everywhere.  Meanwhile in Argentina and Malaysia, members were designing e-cards and posters for COVID education.  In the Middle East and Africa, member television outlets were often the only way some children could continue their education safely.  Just about everywhere, SIGNIS members discovered new paths through the digital world most  of us live in to support the spiritual life of the people and promote community in the face of isolation.  In some places, our colleagues worked to simply provide food for the most marginated.

As we publish this report, we are keenly aware that the pandemic continues.  We realize that compels us to continue to use all our hearts, minds and powerful media tools (often sitting in the palm of one’s hand) to heal both COVID and a very divided world.  If readers find a kernel of inspiration or a spark to action in these pages, then we invite to you to go more deeply into what it means for you to be a light in the darkness.  

The Annual Report 2020 can be downloaded in PDF format here. It is also available online here.


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