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A new source of hope | Radio Voix de la Réconciliation | Episode 2 | Inspiring Hope

Radio Voix de la Réconciliation airs in the diocese of Muyinga, in Burundi. With its various programs about local and international news, sports, education, and faith, it is becoming a trusted outlet for the people of Burundi. 

“I live on the Mukoni hills and love listening to this radio, especially the program where entrepreneurs are given a chance to talk about their businesses. They tell the story about how they got started and where they are now. It is very inspiring to listen to their experience and I think it is of great help for people who have their own ideas and can use it as encouragement” says Odette Ndihokubwayo, a listener of the radio.  

Indeed, the programs of Radio Voix de la Réconciliation focus not only on bringing people together but also on empowering them, especially the youth. “The radio is greatly appreciated, the people who listen to it are very satisfied with the programs they follow and for the space they have now to share their own lives and experiences,” says Abbé Evariste Harerimana, director of the radio station. “We want to reach even more people. We are very satisfied with the coverage of the radio considering we have only one antenna, but our diocese is very big and extends into further provinces. We want to be heard in all corners of the country and perhaps have a television channel one day”, he concludes.

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