HeadlineSIGNIS Annual Report 2022

SIGNIS Annual Report 2022

The year 2022 became a symbol of reckoning and rebirth, a time when nations and communities confronted the aftermath of the pandemic and embarked on the journey of recovery. For the world of communications, it meant adapting even faster to a different way of doing things while staying trustworthy, relevant, and timely, and facing defiance more than ever. 

For SIGNIS, 2022 was not just a year—it was a testament to our collective dedication to the world of communications. From participating as jury in film festivals around the world to facilitating training sessions on topics like social media, podcasting, media education and radio making, and following a synodal process to listen to the communication needs of our members in all regions across the globe. 

The pinnacle of our activities was the SIGNIS World Congress in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea. Against the backdrop of innovation and hope, professionals from across SIGNIS gathered to explore the theme of “peace in the digital world.” The discussions delved into the role of journalists in safeguarding peace, the protection of our common home, fake news and loss of trust and how we live in a hyperconnected world yet feel alone. A special highlight was the International Youth Forum, featuring a group of young people who used this platform to share their experiences and aspirations for digital evangelization.

Following the Congress, the SIGNIS Assembly of Delegates, met online and approved the new Board of Directors, setting the course for SIGNIS’ activities in the upcoming 2022-2026 period.

We encourage you to read through the SIGNIS 2022 Annual Report, which features voices from across the globe and touches on many other important issues of the communications world, and share it with your peers. Let this report be a catalyst for dialogue, collaboration, and collective action. Together, we can continue shaping a future where communication serves as a beacon of truth, understanding, and peace. Remember that your engagement is not only welcome; it is essential for the ongoing success of our shared journey. 

Find the report below (best viewed in “Two Page” mode).


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