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Ecumenical Jury Prize at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

August 29, 2021 (SIGNIS / INTERFILM). The Ecumenical Jury, appointed by INTERFILM and SIGNIS, awarded its Prize to Strahinja Banović (As Far as I Can Walk), directed by Stefan Arsinijević (Serbia, France, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Lithuania, 2021).

How far will a man go to fight for his love? How much can a woman endure without her right to self-realization? As Far as I Can Walk tells a great and humanistic love story, balanced between accurate documentary images and timeless poetry. This is a film taking on the harsh experiences of migration and an epic dimension that eventually turns into a Passion story. 

In addition, the Jury awarded a Commendation to Zbornica (The Staffroom), directed by Sonja Tarokić (Croatia, 2021). The Staffroom follows newly appointed counsellor Annamarija as she intensely fights for the greater good from within a schooling institution, navigating through its politics while keeping her integrity and caring for others. First-time feature director Sonja Tarokić shows an extraordinary palette of cinematic craftsmanship through choral and focal plays, and most importantly, genuine benevolent writing of characters. An energetic, universal and encouraging tribute to all schooling staffs around the world.

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival took place August 20-28, 2021. The members of the Jury were Angelika Obert (President of the Jury, Germany), Pierre-August Henry (France), and Joel Ruml (Czech Republic).


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