NewsMediaSIGNIS Brazil discusses 5G and satelittes with Catholic-inspired TV Channels

SIGNIS Brazil discusses 5G and satelittes with Catholic-inspired TV Channels

(SIGNIS Brazil). On May 12, 2021, SIGNIS Brazil held a second meeting with Catholic-inspired TV broadcasters in the country, discussing 5G and the migration of satellites. The online discussion counted with the assistance of the companies GTD, Speedcast and Embratel/Claro.

The meeting was attended by engineers and technicians from the SIGNIS Brazil TV sector, which is made up of nine free-to-air TV channels and one online TV channel: TV Aparecida, TV Rede Século 21, TV Rede Vida, TV Evangelizar, TV Nazaré, Horizonte TV, Immaculate TV, Pai Eterno TV, Canção Nova TV and Web Bom Jesus. 

Together, Catholic TV channels form the largest network of open channels in Brazil. With the expectation of future developments around the arrival of 5G, the TV sector of SIGNIS Brazil has been conducting research, discussions and analysis with professionals from TV stations, satellite operators, manufacturers, service providers and the government. Their goal is to draft proposals for the best solutions in television and radio signal operations and for the coexistence of open satellite TV services and fifth-generation broadband.

“We intend to join forces between Catholic channels to make decisions on satellite band occupancy, thus making it easier in the future for satellite dish users to locate all Catholic stations, both TV and radio. We are paying special attention to what is happening in the current scenario and follow all the information and presentations,” said meeting coordinator Geizom Sokacheski. “It is also up to us, Catholic broadcasters, to present our joint proposals to the government, more specifically to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC) and the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel)”, he concluded.


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