Digital World

The rapid growth and expansion of the Internet, especially the World Wide Web and the emergence of social media, has fundamentally changed the media landscape. As an association of Catholic media professionals SIGNIS is exploring how best these new technology can be harnessed to serve the common good and enhance the quality of communication for the majority of people.

Another of SIGNIS’ main objectives is to help reduce the digital divide between those countries closely “connected” to the global digital highways and those in the poorer regions of the world which are still struggling to “connect” to their own towns and villages.

That is why SIGNIS Services Rome provides an Internet service via satellite that covers all of Africa: the VSAT system. SIGNIS provides its clients with equipment, including a small satellite dish and computers already configured to use the service. SIGNIS also offers its services as an Internet access provider, including SIGNIS e-mail addresses, telephone calls via the Internet, and access to the web. In addition, SIGNIS trains the personnel who run and maintain the equipment.

SIGNIS also promotes and participates in activities and events bringing together Catholic communicators involved in new information technologies.

SIGNIS is working to use the potential of the Internet for distance education and to build a real global network of learning that will link individuals and communities across the digital divide.

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