NewsSIGNIS Indonesia holds training in 'Finance & Project Management’

SIGNIS Indonesia holds training in ‘Finance & Project Management’

SIGNIS Indonesia held ‘Finance & Project Management Training’ on March 28-30, 2023 in Yogyakarta. The event was attended by 30 representatives of SIGNIS Indonesia Members. Following the opening by Father Steven Lalu, President of SIGNIS Indonesia, to start the training, Bernadetta Widi, Director of PERSADA, invited the participants to do a SWOT analysis. 

During the training, Mr. Frangky Parengkuan, Business Coach & Wealth Manager presented about Financial Management and Taxation,while Widi shared about Project Management and invited participants to write a project proposal based on a few simple steps and practice filling out the SIGNIS Project Application Portal form.

This is a new activity based on the 2022 SIGNIS Indonesia Fundraising Training that took place in Pontianak-West Borneo and was attended by the Chair of SIGNIS Indonesia Members. Members gained insight into how fundraising strategies and opportunities can be carried out both locally and internationally, which is in line with SIGNIS directives so that Members will be more independent with sustainable programs.

Since developments in taxation in Indonesia and demands for professionalism in financial management, the SIGNIS Indonesia Board feels the need to carry on further technical trainings regarding project management and financial management. These cover how to make financial reports including accompanying taxes, how to write project reports, how to technically submit projects online to the Pontifical Society of the Propagation of the Faith (PSPF) via the SIGNIS Project Application Platform, and how to create a project for local funding. 

The objective of the training is to enable SIGNIS Indonesia members to have a better understanding of technically accountable financial reporting according to taxation regulations in Indonesia and to be proficient in writing project proposals.

Diandra, a young participant, feels grateful and happy to take part in this training. “Apart from meeting again with SIGNIS friends offline, with this training, we understood more deeply about finance, taxes and how we write proposals in detail as needed. With reliable speakers in their fields, this training is a provision for us so that we become more professional in managing finances in our organization”, says Diandra. 

F. Steven Lalu hopes that after this training the participants will “improve their understanding that the project must be planned, managed, evaluated, etc. There are opportunities to gain support from local or international institutions”. 


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