NewsTogo: Radio Sainte Thérèse of Sokodé prioritising training

Togo: Radio Sainte Thérèse of Sokodé prioritising training

Over the weekend, a media refresher workshop for Togolese Catholic Radio Sainte Thérèse staff was held at the Sokodé Diocesan centre in Kédia

Fr. Moise Dadja– Sokodé, Togo

The workshop for the staff of the Sokodé Diocesan Radio Sainte Thérèse brought together fourteen professionals. The radio station places emphasis on constant training for its staff members. Over the two days weekend training period, journalists, technicians, presenters and broadcasters of the diocesan radio benefited from the capacity building workshop. The trainers Dr. Amévi Dabla of the national Christian publication, Présence Chrétienne, and Mr Charles Ayetan, a journalist of Présence Chrétienne and La Croix together with the Director of Radio Sainte Thérèse, Father Moïse DADJA took the participants through various media themes. Some of those included Radio Journalism, Reporting and Photography.

Regarding Radio Journalism, topics included radio writing, the structure of a radio story, radio principles, and news presentation. Participants were also taken through basic reporting techniques, the main principles of journalistic writing, literary genres, and the duties and rights of journalists.

Radio and online presence

With radio personalities now requiring a social media presence, the Radio Sainte Thérèse staff were also taken through the basics of photography. 

Staff members expressed satisfaction with the refresher course held under strict Covid-19 health guidelines put in place by the Togolese government. The training was a joint effort of the Diocese of Sokodé and SIGNIS -the World Catholic Association for Communications.

Radio Sainte Thérèse can be listened to in Sokodé and surrounding areas on the FM frequency of 90.5 MHz band and online on


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