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Ecumenical Jury at Fribourg 2021 announces Prize Winner

July 25, 2021 (SIGNIS / INTERFILM). The Ecumenical Jury at the 2021 Fribourg Film Festival has awarded its Prize to the Japanese competition entry True Mothers (Asa ga kuru), directed by Naomi Kawase (Japan, 2020).

The Jury found that Naomi Kawase tells us the story of family dramas, especially the difficulties associated with adoption, with great sensitivity. The film, set in a modern Japan that is nevertheless strongly influenced by traditional values, questions the classic family model and gives a glimpse of another possible model of “parenthood”. This work is distinguished by a luminous visual language that creates harmony between the characters and the landscapes.

The 35th edition of the Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF) ran from 16th to 25th July. The programme featured 139 films from 51 countries, screened at indoor and outdoor venues around Fribourg, Switzerland. The members of this year’s Jury were Colette Kalt (Switzerland), Baldassare Scolari (Switzerland), Claude Jeanne Sury Bonnici (France), and Claire Zombas (France).


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