NewsMediaSan Sebastian Film Festival: the 65th SIGNIS prize is awarded

San Sebastian Film Festival: the 65th SIGNIS prize is awarded

At the 65th Anniversary of the SIGNIS Jury at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Los Reyes del Mundo, by Colombian director Laura Moral, brought home the SIGNIS award. Ms. Moral had previously received a SIGNIS prize for her First Feature, Killing Jesus. 

For the Jury,  Los Reyes del Mundo reflects the values ​​of solidarity, fraternity, and the search for an ideal capable of responding to the demands of justice, goodness, and truth that the human heart yearns for. The film shows us the path followed by five young people fleeing crime and corruption, with the intention of reclaiming a family land. Furthermore, it questions us about the world that younger generations inherit and invite us to reflect on how we can improve it. 

The SIGNIS Jury also decided to give their commendation to the First Feature by American director Marián Mathías. Runner is an experimental and independent work that recalls great previous filmmakers and plastic artists. 

This film shows indifference to others and the director uses her own cinematographic style, with visual poetry and a suggestive and successful use of sound. And also for the symbolic use of water, of rain, as an expression of hope that allows a new encounter and a new life.

This year’s SIGNIS Jury was made up of Mr. Philippe Cabrol, Fr. Edorta Kortadi, and its president, Mr. Carlos Aguilera Albesa.  

The Donosti-San Sebastian International Film Festival is one of the most important cinema festivals in the world, accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) in the “competitive film festivals” category. The festival has witnessed important events in the history of cinema, such as the international premiere of Vertigo (by Alfred Hitchcock) and the European premiere of Star Wars. It was the first festival attended by Roman Polanski and a key element to advance the professional careers of Francis Ford Coppola and Pedro Almodóvar. SIGNIS has been a part of this festival since its early beginnings, with the SIGNIS Jury being present since 1957.


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