NewsEventsSIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk holds Workshop on Cineliteracy

SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk holds Workshop on Cineliteracy

(SIGNIS Asia). From June 14 to June 18, the SIGNIS Asia Cinema Desk held the online workshop Train the Trainers (TOT) Workshop on Cineliteracy” teaching participants to understand and appreciate cinemaand evaluate films critically.

The workshop was designed to enable teachers, youth animators, and young leaders to conduct cineliteracy programs at the local level in parishes, schools, and other educational institutions. It also teaches participants to enjoy cinema, view cinema more objectively, and use all the good elements and content of cinema in their life. Over five days, participants were taught various aspects of cinema, such as filmmaking techniques, critical analysis of cinema, and aesthetic appreciation.

About cineliteracy

Cineliteracy empowers the film viewers to be culturally literate, enables them to ‘read’ the films and moving image texts they see every day and ‘write’ their own for others to watch too. If young people experience film education with consistency and progression, films can positively impact their lives. Cineliteracy is an opportunity for them to see a wide range of films, gain a critical understanding of films, and enjoy creative filmmaking activities.


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