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SIGNIS Projects: Using the power of video storytelling to promote our World Congress

Every four years, members of SIGNIS from across the globe gather in a World Congress, a chance to renew and reinvigorate their relationships as they meet together face-to-face, explore common themes, share experiences and are challenged to respond to the changes in society and the media.

The first SIGNIS Congress was held in Rome in 2001, to be followed by Lyon (2005), Chiang Mai (2009), Rome (2014) and Québec (2017). In 2018, during their annual meeting, the Board of Directors of SIGNIS selected the location for the next World Congress: Seoul, South Korea.

When it came to promoting the 2022 Congress, SIGNIS Korea felt inspired to use the power of video storytelling and create engaging stories of hope and faith. With the support of the Pontifical Society of the Propagation of the Faith (PSPF), they produced three videos to tell the story of their country and the Korean Catholic Church. With beautiful imagery and voices to create a complete narrative, the videos take the viewer on a journey through history and the 237 years of the Korean Catholic Church, and through the role of the Catholic association: taking care of the ever-changing media of Korea, and by doing so, spreading the Good News to the world.

The SIGNIS World Congress 2022 will be held in Seoul, Korea, with the theme ‘Peace in the Digital World’.


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